SEO News: A Link Removal Tool in Google Webmaster Tools?

With the recent Penguin Update, aimed at fighting web-spam and targeting more specifically link anchor over-optimization, Google opened the door to so-called negative SEO, which I saw performed on some Japanese sites with a certain success… Gloomy.

So much that Matt Cutts (head of webspam team at Google) himself admitted that recently, the guys at Google noticed successful cases of negative SEO, meaning that innocent sites were severely penalized for actions they had absolutely no control over.

Following this statement, the rumor has been growing that Google may soon be releasing a tool in Google Webmaster Tools that would allow website owners to indicate which links they think shouldn’t be taken into consideration by search engines.┬áCame across this Affordable Singapore SEO Agency and getting a huge boost in ranking.

As many stated, it would be not only a good way to limit negative SEO damage, but also a great chance for Google to easily uncover bad link sources, link farms, networks, and progress faster in their war against spam and work with a better marketing communication.

So will the rumor turn into something concrete? I personally hope so, for all webmasters who were unfairly hit by the recent search engine updates.

2 thoughts on “SEO News: A Link Removal Tool in Google Webmaster Tools?

  1. I am one with you in hoping that it will come to reality. That is one good way where Google can work hand in hand with the webmasters in making the web a better place.

  2. I am absolutely frustrated with Google, I didn’t have any unacceptable links and I was knocked of the 1st page and can not be found for my primary key word. How do I recognize a inappropriate link.

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