SEO Event in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe)?

Hi everybody! I’ve been wandering a bit around the web lately and stumbled upon some fellow SEO consultants who live in or come around Kansai from time to time.

One top that comes up a lot in our discussions is that there are hardly any foreigner entrepreneurs events around, when there are plenty in Tokyo. I know a couple of people who’d be interested in organizing a small event in Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe to discuss SEO in Japan and entrepreneurship in general.

Even if that’s just a bunch of guys going for a few drinks, it would be nice to have a meet-up in the area one of these days! If you’re interested, just drop a few lines here, and let’s see how we could make that possible.

3 thoughts on “SEO Event in Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe)?

  1. Hellow Admin!!

    I am a SEO consultants from Osaka..Love to get in touch with you!!
    Came across this post and thought to give you a Ping!!

    Ding Dong!!!

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