SEO is great, but using Japanese advertising platforms for PPC and SEM can prove quite helpful too. The benefits of PPC (pay per cost) services, for example Google AdWords are numerous: they can get your site in front of your customers immediately and for about as many keywords as you want.

If you are going to spend money on paid advertising, you will want to be sure this is used efficiently: if you have to pay for a user to click on your link, you will want that user to be interested in your service or product in the first place. Ideally, you will also want to pay as little as possible for each individual click.

And this is where we come into play with our Japanese PPC services. Here is a quick overview of what we do:

Japanese PPC and SEM Service Overview

  • Keyword research: we pick up keywords that are relevant to your business, have decent search volumes and are likely to convert well
  • Landing page: you can promote existing pages of your website, but creating specific landing pages for each keyword or group of keywords you are targeting can have tremendous effects on conversion rates. Our team of Japanese/English copywriters are here to help you write the perfect copy for each of your landing page
  • Ad writing: a well-written ad will generate more clicks and decrease the individual cost of a link, thus it is extremely important that you let experienced copywriters prepare catchy ads
  • CTR (Click-through Rate) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): our experts will test and make tweaks to your ads to increase CTR and reduce CPC (cost per click). They will also have a look at what users who click your ads do once on your website and make improvements to landing pages in order to get higher CRO and generate more leads

Please feel free to contact us anytime to know more about our services and learn how we can help you generate more sales today!

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