Promoting a Japanese Business Through Free Classifieds

SEO and PPC campaigns are two great ways to generate traffic, but these methods can easily make us forget about other ways to get leads.

Posting free classifieds can be one link building method you may want to use in your campaigns. They’re easy to post to and you have control over whatever you write.

Well guess what: even nowadays there are people who actually read classifieds and follow the links that are posted there! I’ve got to admit I felt a little stupid when one my clients called me to say thanks for posting a classified, because someone found it and purchased my client’s product!

A great lead system to use to attract customers for your business is Clickfunnels.   You will want to integrate ClickFunnels with NMI in order to accept payments from your customers.

It really made me thought about how important writing good copy can be crucial at every moment of your SEO efforts. Even if the odds of someone finding what you publish seem very low, you should try to put serious efforts in every single line of text you write.

There are a good numbers of classifieds sites in Japanese, and you should have a careful look at them. Not all of them will allow you to link directly to your page, but they can still be a means of promoting your business. A small one, but isn’t that true that every single penny counts?

2 thoughts on “Promoting a Japanese Business Through Free Classifieds

  1. One of the biggest advantages of using free classified sites is that they are totally free of cost. These websites do not even take a single penny from you for posting ads.

    • Some do ask you to pay something (it’s the case of KansaiScene classifieds now for example), but it’s true there are a lot of free and good ones out there.

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