Japanese SEO

Japan is by many aspects a unique market. Everything from the way Japanese people look for information, product and services on the Web to how local consultants approach the job differs greatly from what you would expect to see in the rest of the World.
If you want to get the most out of your localized websites, you will need a local partner, someone with a thorough understanding of Japanese SEO and user practices in Japan.

Service details

Succeeding in Japan

  • Keyword Research

We will research the best keywords for your website, not only the ones that generate the most traffic, but also secondary terms (“Long tail”) that are relevant to your site and may generate solid leads.

  • Content Strategy, Writing and On-page SEO

Based on the results of the keyword research, we determine a strategy to offer your site’s visitors the information they need. We can take care of the contents writing (copywriting) in a natural Japanese/English, and when everything is ready, we will once more check that everything on your website is well-optimized.

  • Off-page SEO

Once your site is ready, filled with engaging contents and well-optimized, it is time to promote it through different channels, which we usually class into two categories: pure link building and social marketing.

  • Improvements

It is not SEO per say, but if you are looking for such services, you will most likely be interested in improving your conversion rates and, more generally, user experience. We will take a look at your date and help you improve sales based on user feedback.

Many oppose SEO and SEM/PPC, but they happen to be very complementary, and if you have the resources to do both, we strongly recommend that you do. We will take care of your SEM budget and make sure every cent is well-spent by writing high-quality ads and targeting relevant, high-converting users.


Depending on your needs, you can use these services as a whole package, or order only part of them individually.

Free quote

Pricing structure

We offer a unique, result-based pricing structure. The concept is simple: you pick keywords, we define a daily price for top 10, top 7 and top 3 results on Google/Yahoo (which use the same algorithm in Japan) with a monthly maximum fee, and you get to pay us ONLY if we manage to rank your pages for your desired keywords.

How does this work? We are using very powerful tracking tools, which allow us to see at a glance what your rankings are for all of your keywords on both Google and Yahoo. At the end of each month, you will receive a report indicating clearly the progress of your keywords.

How much will this cost me?
For SEO services alone (excluding copywriting/translation, SEM…), price will mostly depend on the difficulty of the keywords you are targeting. The minimum we typically offer is $200 (or 18,000 yen) a month. For maximum results, we ask for a 6-month long contract at least.

Why Us?

Our services are

  • Ethical: we never get involved with unethical content or link building tactics. All the contents we produce are well-written, unique and documented. The links we produce are natural, relevant to your business or your products, and explicitly approved by website owners
  • Ahead of the competition: we are constantly looking for new resources that can help our customers and we make weekly updates to our Japanese SEO assets
  • Tailored to your needs: we offer you plans that match your budget and ambitions
  • Transparent: we are always very clear and honest about our goals and what you should expect.
  • Comprehensive: unlike many companies, we don’t just stick to one type of optimization. We offer you a complete package from Keyword Research to Conversion Rate Optimization. All you have to do is hand us your system, sit back and relax.


-Can you guarantee results?

Because of the way search engine work, it is impossible to guarantee your website will reach a certain position. However, our price structure means you only have to pay us when we reach a top 10 position for some or all of your keywords.

How long will it take before I can see results?

This is again hard to predict because of constant changes in search engine algorithms. Depending on the difficulty of your keywords, it may take anywhere between 1 and 3 months to start getting significant results. Companies or consultants that promise anything faster than that most likely use tactics that may get your website penalized in search engines. We, however, only use ethical tactics for stronger and longer term results.

-Do you use “blackhat” tricks or other technics that could get me penalized?

Absolutely not! For on-page optimization, we improve the contents of your website, but in no case overuse keywords or use other technics only aimed at superficially improve rankings. For off-page SEO, all of the links we build are genuine. We contact webmasters individually to introduce your website and offer them to link to it. Our strong point is that we are in touch with a lot of webmasters in a lot of industries, which makes the whole process much more smooth and efficient.

-Do you offer discounts?

Yes, in case you order several keywords for the same website. The more keywords you order, the less the individual price per keyword will decrease.

-How do you determine your prices?

Our prices are based on the amount of work we consider needed to reach first page for your keywords. This amount is calculated by looking at competitors sites and comparing a set of more than 50 factors (including domain name, domain age, number and authority of incoming links, on-page optimization…).

-How do you track rankings?

We are using a set of tools which allows us to see in real time what is the ranking of your keywords in Google and Yahoo Japan. A detailed monthly report will be sent to you, but you can ask for intermediary reports at any point.

To learn more about our services and rates, and get a free quote, please contact us now at contact@gaijin-web.com.