Japanese SEO and Black Hat Tactics

One thing I always find fascinating about SEO in general is how well it reflects aspects of different societies. For example, in this article, I wrote about how link building sometimes felt like building your own network in the real World.

One of the cultural aspects of Japan I like most is respect and safety. I’m living in Osaka, which is said to be the most dangerous city in Japan, but frankly speaking I feel a lot safer here than I would in any city in France, where I grew. It’s not that there are not criminals and unrespectful people here, just a lot lot less than in the West.

Well, that’s pretty much the same with Black Hat SEO, spamming, shady link building tactics, link farms, call that the way you want to. I think there’s no need to explain in detail how the English webosphere is affected by these things. Same applies to French websites. Then Google sent a big panda to start taking care of these things.

Anyway, compared to, well pretty much any country in the World, Japan is not really affected by black hat tactics and low quality links. There are lots of blogs that are open to comments, that autoapprove comments, but they are generally pretty much spam-free. You don’t have more than a few low quality directories, a few press release sites, usually of good quality, not too many Stumbleupon or Reddit copycats, and link farms are marginal and isolated.

It’s actually interesting to see there are virtually no Japanese Black hat SEO tools. Like I said, a lot of stuff is autoapproved on the Japanese web, and these tools would be easy to create, especially in a country with so many talented coders. The fact is that nobody does.

Having a strong network, may the contacts be superficial, seems to be what comes closer to the idea of black hat. And I guess we should all be satisfied with these kinds of standards.

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