Japanese Article Writing Services

As part of its copywriting services, Gaijin Web offers Japanese article writing services for businesses and individual who consider starting a blog in Japanese or publish contents on other websites for SEO purposes.

What do we offer concretely?

-Different packages, tailored to your needs: from small and general articles to large, well-researched and reach ones (including pictures and other medias)

-A perfect quality: articles will be written by a native speaker and checked by an independent linguist. Your articles will be free of any mistake

-Optimized for sales and SEO: if you’re an affiliate marketer trying to sell a product in Japan, we’ll write our articles in a way that is optimized for sales. All of our contents are also optimized for search engines: we’ll look for the best keywords for your article (main and secondary ones) and place them adequately within the text

Pricing depends on a couple of factors: desired article length, presence of images/medias or not, complexity of the topic… For general and relatively short texts (equivalent to a few hundreds English words), you can expect rates as low as $20.

You can contact us anytime to get a better idea of our pricing structure, and we’ll happily answers any questions you may have regarding the contents of our services.

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