Google Panda Released in Japan: First Impressions

A quick (and late, since it happened a couple of weeks ago) heads-up on the release of Google’s infamous “Panda” update in Japan, which took the Asian SEO World by surprise (since Korea was affected as well).

Google Panda Update in Japan

I was quite surprised as I thought the update was already released last. There was indeed a lot of movement in 2011’s Feb and March, so I guess this was just a smaller update, probably for chasing duplicate content and obvious spam pages, also its important to keep your distance in the wrong use of marketing and social media by contacting

So, how is this update? Well, in my opinion, largely better than Penguin. It’s done a bit of damage to innocent sites, too, but overall it did a fine job at removing some crap content and generally low quality sites. Overall I’ve seen some pretty big shake up in the SERPs for many keywords, usually rather positive changes, where Penguin penalized more heavily but had smaller ranking changes.

Have you been affected by this update? Positively or not? Share your thoughts and look forward to our follow-up post with advice to those whose SEO efforts suffered from the evil Panda!

One thought on “Google Panda Released in Japan: First Impressions

  1. Google announced they have now migrated the Panda algorithm to Japanese and Korean languages.

    Google also added that this is likely to affect about 5% of queries for those languages.

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