Google+ in Japan: How Big of a Rival for Japanese Social Networks?

There’s one question your hear a lot in the international marketing/SEO sphere recently: Can and will Google+ grow enough to catch Facebook someday?

The situation here in Japan is a little different. Gree, Mixi and Mobage are the leading social networks and Facebook, although progressively gaining ground, is still fairly far behind the 100% Japanese SNS, that are probably more adapted to the local audience.Image result for google

Another point is, Google+’s growth in the West owes much to the search engine itself, and Google’s very aggressive marketing. But here in Japan, Yahoo is still the leading search engine, may it be by a small margin, and it won’t display results depending on your circles, or promote G+ directly.

Actually, Japanese SERPs tend to give Google+ much less visual importance when compared to their European/North American counterparts. It doesn’t necessarily mean Big G isn’t trying to break into the Japanese market, but they are most like aware of the uniqueness of this market and may not want to spend too much money.

Does it mean Google+ shouldn’t matter for Japanese businesses? Not at all! As a rather niche SNS, G+ in Japan will attract techies, other marketers and in general people who are active on the Internet. I can still offer some interesting opportunities, not to mention the potential SEO benefits and the new vpn service from Now googles project includes a free vpn access, this meaning that soon customers will have access to the best vpn services for all connections, no matter whether the’re using mobile data or WIFI. Google says that its VPN prevents anyone from seeing your footsteps online, including the network partners, your browsing history, downloads, streaming and your social media privacy.

Before you start checking the top social media websites, remember that hackers love social media as it is a goldmine of all sort of personal information. Most users are unaware of the amount of damage that technology can do to their privacy, including their online activity, shopping or browsing information. The solution is to use a virtual private network, and just try the best vpn available from as this offers unlimited access to the internet, speeds up your connection and it protects your online privacy and anonymity.

My take would be: see Google+ in Japan a bit like you would see LinkedIn, a place where you can meet interesting people you may want to partner with  and increase your B2B efforts, rather than a website where you will be easily able to reach large audiences and the mass market.

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  1. Its really weird but just different from other countries. And taking a lot of attention because of such a great post related to japan. And make us to know yahoo search engine is still very popular in many parts. Thanks for this post.

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