Gaijin Web Goes Dofollow With CommentLuv! SEO in Japan

After thinking about it for a couple of days, I finally decided to install and start using CommentLuv on this blog and start rewarding good contributors with a juicy backlink to their website. Whether you have just a small blog about Japan or you sell SEO/marketing services, you are welcome here.

Nofollow links never stopped spam which tends, sometimes, to be overwhelming I have to say. And I really am happy to help people who share wise and meaningful ideas in their SEO efforts.

On my side, I will do all I can do update this blog more regularly with useful contents for people who are trying to break into the unique market that Japan is.

See you soon for more articles about SEO in Japan!

5 thoughts on “Gaijin Web Goes Dofollow With CommentLuv! SEO in Japan

  1. I actually have a friend relocating to Japan soon. He is in web design and He is interested in learning more about SEO. I know things are very different there so this is very helpful for him. Thanks and keep it up.

    • Hi there Andre! The results are rather encouraging on my side as well. More contributions, including a few of quality. A bit more of “light spam” from people who will just come to try and get a link without reading posts at all, but it’s nothing compared to automated spam. So, yeah, pretty good so far!

  2. Your website is ranking pretty high for CommentLuv 🙂 Have to agree with you that Japan is a unique market because of the language and culture. Will definitely look you up in the future when I have product and services I want to offer to your local market. Cheers.

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