Are you trying to access the Japanese online market? Or do you need to better understand some texts written in the Japanese language? We’re here to help!

Our translation services

We offer English to Japanese and Japanese to English translation services for most of the specialization fields, from general translations to much more complex types of texts such as patents, medical records or contracts.

Translating from and to Japanese is as much as an art as litterature: the language is so unique that you can’t possibly get a decent translation by transposing the words one by one in the target language. You need to think of sentences as a whole and essentially recreate them in the language you are translating into. It is a mistake beginner translators often make, and this is why we work only with professional seasoned translators, who are able to write texts in a way that is both natural and respectful of the source text.

Quality assurance

When you send us a text to translate, we choose a translator who has experience in that specific field, and of translation in general,  you can successfully and professionally translate a document with us. For a medical report for example, we would choose a translator who studied medicine or who has been translating medical texts for at least a few years.

We can provide services for the following specialization fields:

  • General/Marketing
  • IT/Software/Games
  • Websites
  • Medical
  • Literary
  • Technical/Patents

Our translators are always native of the language they translate into, whether this is Japanese or English, and all of our translations are proofread by professional linguists. We select our translators very carefully: we only work with linguists who have sufficient experience and knowledge of a particular specialization field, and all of them have successfully completed trial translations for us.

To ensure a complete satisfaction on your side, we will remain available for small edits/fixes/questions regarding the translation after delivery without any time limite or additional cost.

We are comfortable with all file types : from simple Word files to more complex ones, for example PDF, Adobe Illustrator files or Web files (HTML, PHP, ASP, Ruby…).


Pricing mostly relies on the difficulty of the source text: a simple marketing text will cost much less than the translation of an automobile manual or a medical research paper. Our rates are very competitive for the quality we offer (native AND specialized translators). We are able to offer interesting prices thanks to our long term partnerships with excellent translators and our use of Translation Memory tools (or Computer Assisted Translation tools) to work faster and ensure a perfect consistency of our texts.

We also offer very interesting discounts for large and recurring projects.

Get a free quote!

For a free quote, contact us now at! When you send us your request for a quote, don’t forget to attach the source(s) file(s) and give as many details as possible regarding the project (deadline, special requirements regarding file format and layout…).

For your information, we also provide services in other languages, including Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and others on demand.

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