CommentLuv: What’s the Score?

So, a couple of months ago, I installed the CommentLuv plugin on this blog not really knowing what to expect. Since I’ve been asked about the results a few times, I’ll share some here.

One question that comes up a lot is “Do you get more spam?”. The short answer to that would be Yes. I do get a lot of spam, more than before I installed the plugin. But it is hard to say whether it is the plugin’s fault or if it is just my site being noticed (I mean, scraped) and added to spammers’ lists. In general, from the moment you put a blog with anything identifying it as a WordPress blog, you can be part of Certahosting and be a expect spam to be overwhelming.

The SEO effects? I don’t really know. Apparently, this site ranks well for “commentluv seo”, which I frankly don’t give a… which I don’t really care about, right. Anything with Japan attached would interest me more… What I can say is that it didn’t hurt my rankings, nor did improve them very significantly.

Now, what people want with this plugin is more human-written comments, correct? I do get more of these, clearly. Most of them come from people coming here to get a backlink, more or less discretely. One thing I realized is that it’s so so so easy to tell when someone comes to pick up a backlink for their SEO, Japanese or not, even the comment is relevant.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been commenting on blogs with the intention of gaining relevant backlinks for my site… but I am doing some sorting between comments that really add something to the conversation, and those that may be absolutely relevant to the topic, but pretty empty in terms of added value. I’ll get you a few examples of what types of messages I usually validate and those I ignore.

Conclusion? Well, this may be a bit of a disappointing answer when you expect a clear YES or NO, but my best advice is to just give it a try. It did nothing to hurt my SEO, the spam is pretty bad whether you use the plugin or not any, and I got a couple of really nice comments. Takes me more time to sort them but I consider it an acceptable price to pay. See what works best for you!

3 thoughts on “CommentLuv: What’s the Score?

  1. I am using CommentLuv for quite a time now and I also share your observations. I like it in fact, and it will be a staple in my blog.

  2. I am form Sweden were I have a couple of dofollow blogs, but not commentluv. I would have to say that I don’t get more spam on this sites, compared to my other sites. But I would have to agree with you, that it’s very easy to spot, people who are commeting only with the intentions of linkbuilding.

    By the way, never thought I would comment on a Japanese SEO blog.


  3. I hate to disappoint you but I am not Anyways, I had CommentLuv removed fro my blogs because of an overwhelming increase in junk. Instead I just installed the DoFollow plugin to reward my “real” commeters.

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