Article Writing: A Land of Opportunities?

With the recent algo updates (Penguin and Panda, namely) and Google’s claims that they are going to take further actions against spammers and low quality content producers, I have seen a spike in requests for article writing and copywriting services in Japanese.

Up to now, many marketers have been happy with poor contents (automatic translations, rewriting or cheap translations by non-natives) but the situation is changing rapidly. If you are checking freelancing websites regularly, you will have noticed not only that employers tend to stress out the importance of quality more than before, but also that they are starting to accept bids for higher prices than usual. Nothing amazing yet, but still far better than the $1/hour you often see. People start to understand that cost of life in Japan is high and that quality has a price.

In this context, I think it can be interesting for copywriters and translators to focus a little more on even specialize in article writing early on to be able to build a portfolio and have solid references to show potential clients once prices will have definitely raised to a satisfactory level.

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